Sunday, December 26, 2004

What I dislike about American TV?

The whole world is waking up to the earth quake story. BBC is as usual on the story on the internet and on TV. The American channels don't really care. No breaking news of any sort. Not CNN, CBS, NBC...I am not aware of what they are playing on CNN WORLD. What we get is the USA version. Still why wouldn't the USA version play this news? I think the sheer scale of this disaster warrants a breaking news story. I checked CNN out last night, they were playing the current news story, why some people have lost bags in US AIRWAYS. Timewarner and Adelphia (the local cable providers) are not customer-friendly. If you need to get CNN WORLD, You will have to get digital cable, get a bunch of useless channels and pay about $100/month. The basic set only costs $12/month. What will it take to get CNN WORLD in the basic set?

Is this Media playing its way or is it the people? I am going to list what CNN USA is currently playing in pacific time (whenever I get a chance).

12/25 6:15 PM: Earthquake and Tsunami strikes
12/26 7:15 AM: Inside Politics
12/26 7:35 AM: Inside Politics: Winners and Losers of 2004
12/26 8:15 AM: CNN Sunday: President heading for Texas
12/26 8:16 AM: CNN Sunday: Elections in Ukraine
12/26 8:20 AM: CNN Sunday: The Year in the news.
12/26 8:20 AM: CNN Sunday: Secret Santa.
12/26 7:00 PM: CNN USA verision is finally reporting about the earthquake and tsunami. It took them a whole 24 hours and 11000 dead people before they would actually take notice.
12/26 8:00 PM: Good God. CNN USA verison finally switched to broadcasting CNN WORLD and is covering the disaster.


12/26 7:30 AM: NBC 4 morning news did give an update of the quake. Duration of the story was 30 secs.

PS: I have toned down a lot of words I would normally use. Can CNN sue me for being a critic? I have no idea. Anyways, since I am a immigrant here, better safe than sorry. Can I say "CNN (USA Version) sucks!"?

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Americans just don't care. They always do think they are the world.