Thursday, October 13, 2005

IIPM vs Bloggers

I have been following with interest the IIPM vs bloggers story. Excellent coverage by Desipundit. It all started with this post by Gaurav based on this story by JAM Magazine. It is great bloggers are taking up social issues and standing by what they say. Very gutsy! I just wanted to make a point by linking to the posts. Lot has been said else where. I support Gaurav, Rashmi and Varna on this issue. They have a right to have an opinion.

I feel there should be an indepedent inquiry (by the Education ministry may be) on this and come out with the real facts. Thanks Kiruba for the buttons.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Child Safety in India

I have planned a vacation to Chennai this November. I will be traveling with my 1 year old kid this time. What worries me most is that child safety in India is not taken as seriously as here in United States. My questions are, do all cars come equipped with seat belts on the back seat? Can I rent a car seat for a couple of weeks? Or is it just me the over-cautious parent?

Here is a nicely written Hindu Newspaper article on this (check the travel safety section). The article does mention that car seats need to be used, but does not guide me in any particular direction. Need your input.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Comment Spam

I am seeing a lot of comment spam in the last week. Very annoying. Anyone having the same problem? I removed the blogger hack and reset back to Blogger comments. I noticed Blogger comments has a verification feature before the comment is posted. Hopefully the spam will stop.

Google Reader

Giving a Google Reader a try! The keyboard shortcuts are really going to help. I like the full page display for each post.

Thanks to the bloglines's export feature, I was able to get all my subscriptions into the Reader.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Nursery Rhymes

I was looking for nursery rhyme videos to play for my 10 month old son. I found this one. Great work with Macromedia and has plenty of rhymes. The website host, Miriam Seshadri says she got the idea when her little girl was going nuts seeing for another kid's website, Dads, check this one out and save yourself some googling! :)