Monday, December 06, 2004

Indian journalist bloggers

I have compiled a list of Indian journalist blogs. Please suggest if someone is not on this list.

Last updated: August 12, 2008 (Added George Koshy)

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VM said...

Me! I am missing. Just the fact that I am still learning, chucks me out? JUST JOKING!

I think Subhash Rai of Frontline ( may feature even though his blog hasn't been updated in ages.

Anand said...

NS Ramnath from the Economic Times:

Ganesh said...


Your blog link is not working. I have not been actively reading blogs in the last month. Thanks for stopping by.

Vijay's blog is at Odd Blog.


I know you as Mdeii. Like your site and its template. Thanks for visting my site and posting.

VM said...

Correction everyone! My blog is at

Ganesh said... are back to Blogspot again. :)

Ganesh said...

It is back again over night. I thought I saw a "a blog nomore" message come up. Google has a cached snapshot of that.

Saheli said...

You might want to check out tiffinbox , the blog of a Boston-based Indian-American Photojournalist, Seshu Badrinath. He's got a lot of lists of Indian blogs, but I don't know which ones are Indian and which aren't.

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice compilation. First time to your time and it's pretty cool. Would visit it regularly. And glad to know a Rahman fan :-) 

Posted by Anand Viswanathan

Anonymous said... EditIndia is journalist but prefers anonymity.

Anonymous said...

Shivam Vij - - Tehelka, Delhi

Ganesh said...

Anonymous, Thanks for the tip. I have add Shivam in.

Lindsay Lohan said...


Anonymous said...

A Freelance activist and political columnist Dr. Krishna's blog will be of immense interest .

Anonymous said... belongs to Rahul Pandita, a very well-known journalist, based in Delhi.

Anonymous said...

govindraj ethiraj has a blog -

indiavikalp said...

pls add me
manuwant choudhary

Latest-News said...

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Alaphia said...

Hey you can include H R Venkatesh of CNN IBN. He blogs at

Ganesh said...

Posted H R Venkatesh. Thanks Alaphia.

Anonymous said...

I have a blog for marathi journalists

Paresh prabhu, Goa

Anonymous said...


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flyingstars said...
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Purvi... said...


I was going through the net for a compilation of journalists and their blogsites. This entry made my life so much simpler. Thanks. :)

If anyone could help me out with a compilation of IT journalists and their blogs, I would be much obliged. Please do mail it to me, or even a link which would help me is welcome. My mail id is

thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

George Koshy, CNN-IBN.

Logi-call said...

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gayatri said...


I was just surfing to compile a list of journalists who write on IT in mumbai
This is really a great compilation.
I would be obliged if anyone could mail me the link or the list of journalists and their blogs who write on IT and education.. Kindly mail me on or

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james said...

Hi i am jamesforest21. I am a student of mass communication & journalism. So that this site is useful to me.

KS2001 said...

More of south Indian journalists list rather than a Indian journalists.

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Someone said...

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