Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Home DSL is down

DSL at my home went down yesterday. I am writing this at the office. Tried all the things the ISP would normally suggest. Shutdown the computer, turn off the DSL modem and bring them up. Doesn't work.

I checked Verizon (local ISP) website for a contact number. There, I stumbled on this nifty little tool they have in the customer support section. It was called "Test my Verizon Online DSL line". You enter a telephone number and it runs a line test on your telephone number. It's pretty good and it said the result was failed.

I called up Verizon after that. The rep said this was a state-wide issue. It is getting addressed and they can give no time estimate. They think the weather had something do with it. It has been raining since yesterday.

Now I have to look out for free internet as temporary arrangement until the DSL is fixed. Hope Juno and Netzero are still around giving free internet. I previously had Bigzoo, but they are going out-of-shop from January. Do you have any suggestions for free internet (except AOL ...I hate them just for the junk CDs they send)?

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