Friday, January 07, 2005

Categories in Blogger

BTW, when will Blogger come up with a post category option? My last post would gone into the "To Do" category. I could have put them together.

Blogger people, are you listening? please, please, please :)


VM said...

Phew! I thought blogger had actually started the categories feature. BTW, I've been posting heavy duty on my live journal after it was acquired by six-apart.

pick up the feed if you care. username vimoh

fantababy said...

I am also waiting to see some nice and new features in Blogger. Many of my blog friends are turning towards MSN spaces. They think it is very easy there since no html knowledge is needed. Hope blogger guys do some improvements to retain it's position.

d.K.m said...

that would be an awesome feature :D

with a little html one can group it themselves but it is time consuming ... I had to do that for 'trek notes' in my blog, created a drop down menu in the sidebar listing the relevant posts ... and searching is easy for it contains a title with the word 'trek notes' ... my 2 cents

Ganesh said...

I know a little of HTML. I did play with the blog template a bit. But it would be too much of a hassle to add HTML to each post. There should be quick way to categorize.

Like the way Blogrolling manages links. That took care of template updates for adding/updating links. Haloscan took care of trackbacks. Why doesn't some third party come up to provide this feature?

Anonymous said...

Here is what I received from Blogger about this.

Hi there,

I'm afraid we don't currently have a category feature. However, we are
constantly working on improving Blogger, so we will certainly keep this in mind for the future. Thanks for the input, and thanks for using


Blogger Support


Posted by Ganesh Krishnamurthy

Anonymous said...

Of course, you CAN do categories in Blogger...

You do it like this: Topics in Blogger 

Posted by Billy Joe Jim Bob

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the advise.

I am not for setting up multiple blogs. That is too much work. If I do that, all the blog maintanance work will get multiplied by the number of categories. I am too lazy for that.


Posted by Ganesh Krishnamurthy

Anonymous said...

Try using Technorati Tags to simulate Categories.

The Indian Blogger 

Posted by amit agarwal