Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bad Taste

Indiatimes has an article about how an Indian Call Center employee was abused by a Phily radio station host. The whole conversation was in bad taste. This coming from a respectable radio station part of the broadcasting company Clear Channel. I am irked that the hosts were just suspended for just a day.

The audio file of the converstation can be downloaded here.


Anonymous said...

This is real bad taste and it shows their real character and how they are frustrated by outsourcing. But they need to fight straight and compete with indian companies. I read about this in this morning and was really upset. I think this company and association of BPO and call center companies should take this seriously and fight against this bad show !!



Anonymous said...

This is different version of problems BPO executives facing now. Atleast there is solution for the problem what you mentioned, but not for this.,curpg-1.cms

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