Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Google 411

I recently found this amazing free service, Goog-411. It is like carrying google around with you everywhere. Just dial 1-800-GOOG-411 (1-800-466-4411). I don't have mobile internet and use this 1-800 number to find locations while I am outside. Previously it was costing me $2/call for the regular 411 service. With a combination of Goog-411 and a GPS system, you can be sure you never get lost. You don't necessarily have to connect to the location and talk to someone. The voice detection software allows you to get the location address by selecting the detail option.


Bastian said...

I have tried GOOG 411 numerous times but have had little success. It seems that my accent is not programmed in to the speech detection.

I use a free service (800-411-SAVE) which has worked better for me since I talk to a person. They still have a tough time understanding me at times but I have found it a lot less frustrating to repeat myself for a person than a robot.

Ganesh said...

I's difficult. It takes a couple of tries to get it right. I do change my accent get these working. I am used to doing it with my cell phone's voice-dial. That experience came in handy with Goog-411. :) I will give 800-411-SAVE a try too. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is incredible. I'm surprised it hasn't been publicized more. Thanks a lot for this post!!!