Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dasavatharam and human evolution

This is a followup to my previous couple of posts. I had stumbled onto a post about the ten incarnations of Vishnu and how it relates to the human evolution. The post shows how the ten incarnations of Vishnu may relate to the various stages of the human evolution, starting with a fish, then a amphibian, and then ape etc. Here is the list:
  1. Matsya Avatar (Fish) - Life started in the water.
  2. Kurma Avatar (Tortoise) - Amphibious - Life moved from water to the land. (See Ichthyostega and Missing link videos).
  3. Varaha Avatar (Boar) - Complete animal - Adapted to live on land.
  4. Narasimha Avatar (Half ape) - Transformation from animal to ape.
  5. Vamana avatar (Dwarf) - Transformation from ape to human, developed intelligence.
  6. Parasurama avatar (Forest dweller) - Humans developed stone tools.
  7. Rama avatar (Hunter) - Humans used superior weapons, bows and arrows, created villages.
  8. Balarama avatar (Farmer) - Humans started agriculture.
  9. Krishna avatar (Businessman) - Domestication of animals and development of economy.
  10. Kalki avatar - Yet to arrive. He may bring the end of the world. It could be a virus.

It was interesting to put these two topics together. I have come to believe that religions use metaphors to explain complicated things. For example, Rahu and Ketu are used to represent the Lunar nodes (See Rahu and Ketu–The Invisible Planets).


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