Friday, February 04, 2005


So, I checked out CSFTxt and got some ideas. CSFTxt is a txt2blog posting website. Anyone with a SMS or e-mail access can post to this website.

Try this. Send an SMS or e-mail to You must instantly see your message on the website. Your name will not get posted. It is an anonymous posting. Check my message for example.

I thought this is great, this lets any number of people post live information from the ground to a website. It is not limited by the members of the blog any more.

So, I thought how about using this to tackle issues like corruption. What if people started posting information on persons accepting bribes, their name, company and address. A quick SMS at the Transport department office for example, about a corrupt official. Will it not get visibility? Citizen vigilante. Just a thought....

Not a surprise, the website is already getting spammed. Volunteers will have to come in to catch the spammers and spambots. It can be done.

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Anonymous said...

Ganshu, I've changed that temporary email Id because it was getting in too much trash. You're a member once you sign up, then go ahead and make your own! :) 

Posted by fadereu