Tuesday, February 01, 2005

MSN Search

Microsoft has released its new search engine. Check out here. I think it looks kinda cool. The layout and looks have g-o-o-g-l-e written all over them. The have put more colors in. They have a desktop search tool too.

I MSNed myself and did not find me. They better index me fast or they are losing me. :)

They are in too late in the game. I am going to wait-and-see if they can catch up with Google.


Anonymous said...

What kind of a self obsessed blogger are you? You judge the merit of a search engine by how much importance it gives you? This is highly objectionable. Think of poor little upstarts like Microsoft.

BTW, my name covers the first two pages when typed into Google. Hahahahahah! 

Posted by Vijay

Anonymous said...

Did u try a search as ganshu blog instead of ganesh blog? i think it links you 

Posted by Anandhi

Anonymous said...

I posted my thoughts here:


Posted by JD