Wednesday, November 17, 2004

World Toilet Summit

How about that? Around two hundred delegates from around the world are meeting in China to discuss the forgotten human right, the humble water closet.

Toilet summit opens in Beijing

I can clearly remember how my high school toilet (Nirmala High School, Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh) smelt. There used to be a row of ten...always stinky. That is probably why I would have visited the loos there once or twice in 12 long years. Learnt the art of holding off. :) It has been 15 years since I left Masula (as they call it in my home town, Chennai), I hope they had made the necessary changes...Again I hope....not sure. It was a Christian Mission School. I think they were cash-strapped or whatever the reason may be...but we kids did not deserve that. I have no other complaints about the school. I was glad to have studied at that school. And glad to have such good teachers and Sisters (as we call them). Except for the toilet. Parents should probably check the toilets before the pick up the school. I am not sure how many parents do that.

Again...I am not finger pointing one school. I am sure this is just one among many schools in India or the world who think the loo is just something they can ignore and the kid's hygiene is none of their problem. Kids spend 60% of their day at the school. They deserve better! Parents....Are you listening?

Many of you I am sure would have similar experiences. Feel free to post yours :).

Thought I would write that. It is a taboo subject. More people should talking about this human right. I am now !!!

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VM said...

The 'art of holding off' is something all of us master when in school' my record was (don't gasp) was a say and a half. At a railway station.

I am sorry about the animated logo you miss. I thought a more texty look would be better.

We had athe chennai bloggers meet recently. Yopu might have enjoyed it.