Wednesday, September 06, 2006

From rags to riches

I found this story interesting, The inspiring rags-to-riches tale of Sarathbabu.

Roller coster ride

When I heard this story on NPR this morning, it stuck me hard. I quote, Leroy Sievers, "And no one else, as much as they want to, as much as they may need to, no one else can really ride along with you. They can watch; they can be supportive. But when you're up there on top of the ride, looking down on that huge drop in front of you, you're the only one in the car". I lost my mother due to cancer earlier this year. I fully understood what he meant.

I recently learnt that a 2 year old named Nirali is going through the same ordeal. It is a lot of suffering for a little one to go through. I hope she finds a match soon. I have heard younger ones have a greater chance to fight it...I just hope that it is true in her case.